How to install VeraCrypt on Ubuntu 14.04

You should be on the safe side with VeraCrypt. As a fork of the discontinued TrueCrypt project, this encryption tool currently leads lifehacker’s popularity contest.

So how to install VeraCrypt (safely) on Ubuntu 14.04?

Here is a short video tutorial, or you can follow a slightly more lengthy tutorial that includes the verification process.

1. go to VeraCrypt homepage:

2. click downloads

Verify the integrity of the downloaded file

3. select the Linux stable version for your operating system. At the time of writing, I was downloading VeraCrypt Linux Setup 1.0f-2 version (uploaded on Apr 6, 2015)

4. download PGP Signature of VeraCrypt Linux Setup 1.0f-2 and verify the integrity of the downloaded file

$ cd Downloads
$ wget
$ gpg --with-fingerprint VeraCrypt_PGP_public_key.asc

output should look something like this:

pub 4096R/54DDD393 2014-06-27 VeraCrypt Team <>
 Key fingerprint = 993B 7D7E 8E41 3809 828F 0F29 EB55 9C7C 54DD D393

next, import VeraCrypt PGP public key

$ gpg --import VeraCrypt_PGP_public_key.asc
$ gpg --verify veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2.sig veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2

output should be similar to this one:

gpg: Signature made Mon  6 Apr 2015 20:16:07 CEST using RSA key ID 54DDD393
gpg: Good signature from "VeraCrypt Team <>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 993B 7D7E 8E41 3809 828F  0F29 EB55 9C7C 54DD D393

5. to verify SHA256 and SHA512 checksums for VeraCrypt 1.0f-2 release files, download them to your Downloads folder and check the integrity of the veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2 archive

$ cd Downloads
$ sha256sum veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2

output should look like this:

7365e006f2e62e3bc6f0e85d682c2e9703bc5e1bf2d824cb1404b76d38ab6e00  veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2
$ sha512sum veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2

output should look like this:

e2d941e5d7734cb201ada95029d9fcf68eca0f52cc4f988e20d8bd6a0fb2e9d65d2bb37da7229f6a4f0922681ce88ef06c6f418a3f4505b49ecb2be21cb8dbee  veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2

Now, you can check both of them visually against the checksums in the veracrypt-1.0.f-2-sha256sum.txt and veracrypt-1.0.f-2-sha512sum.txt, or if you are not in the mood of meticulously comparing every single digit, you can use the following methods suggested here.

Method 1. Comparing 2 files

Go to Terminal and type:

$ echo 7365e006f2e62e3bc6f0e85d682c2e9703bc5e1bf2d824cb1404b76d38ab6e00 > original.sha256
$ sha256sum veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2 > comp.sha256
$ ls
comp.sha256  original.sha256  veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2

remove the veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2 part from the comp.sha256 file with nano

$ nano comp.sha256

to write out press ctrl + O and Enter
to exit nano press ctrl + X
now, to compare 2 files type:

$ diff -q original.sha256 comp.sha256

if there is no output, this means that both files are identical, they don’t differ.
You can check it by modifying the comp.sha256 file with nano again and the output would look like this:

$ diff -q original.sha256 comp.sha256
Files original.sha256 and comp.sha256 differ

Method 2. Check it with

Upload the veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2 archive to and manually insert the checksum from the veracrypt-1.0.f-2-sha256sum.txt file.


OnlineMD5 check


Unpacking the verified archive

In Terminal go to your Downloads and create a new VeraCrypt folder:

$ cd Downloads
$ mkdir VeraCrypt

Our verified archive is in Downloads and we want to extract its contents into the newly created directory.

$ cd Downloads
$ tar xjvf veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup.tar.bz2 -C ~/Downloads/VeraCrypt/


Installing VeraCrypt

cd to VeraCrypt and execute veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup-gui-x64 (for 64-bit) or veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup-gui-x86 (for 32-bit)

$ cd VeraCrypt
$ ./veracrypt-1.0f-2-setup-gui-x64

Next, follow the installation instructions via GUI.

After the installation has finished, you can check the version of the installed program with the following command:

$ veracrypt --version

To run the program, simply write:

$ veracrypt

I hope this helps! Nevertheless, despite the comforting feeling of security, one should always bear in mind the last words of Julius Ceasar:

et tu, brute?


6 thoughts on “How to install VeraCrypt on Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Thanks for your tutorial, everything seems to have worked properly but… wasn’t “Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!”?

    1. Thanks Renzo! Possibly yes 😉 I guess I had in mind the human factor or “the weakest link” in encryption and security issues.

    1. Windows is fine and very user friendly for one-click type of installations, but I love Linux because it’s fun 🙂 You can tweak the system, hack things, play and experiment with everything 😉

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